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Sukhayu Ayurveda believes in delivery of authentic Ayurveda. The various therapies offered in Ayurveda are applicable for healthy individuals who wish to continue the state of wellbeing and also for those who need its therapeutic benefit for treating disease conditions. Some therapies are selected as per the seasons as well for detoxification purpose. The inclusion of beauty and anti-aging therapies with some Spa service makes Sukhayu a unique place of total health and wellbeing delivery.

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    This is a checklist of things to do before you visit me for your first consultation:

    1. If you are consulting for treating some health condition kindly fill the present Initial Intake   Form and bring the completed form with you. CLICK HERE for the Intake form. If you are suffering from more than one condition and with some chronic condition then you can add to the above information the list of important events in chronological order. Alternatively, you may send these forms by email to

     2. You have to bring written details of the present diet of the day.

     3. The Ayurvedic treatments address the root cause of the disease so in chronic condition it may take some time to actually manifest the changes in your body.

     4. You are responsible for the information related to your health.

     5. Follow the diet and medicine recommendation dedicatedly.

     6. Follow the diet and lifestyle recommendation during the Panchakarma procedures for maximum therapeutic benefits.

    7. Ayurveda is for those who take responsibility for their health.