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Sukhayu Ayurveda believes in delivery of authentic Ayurveda. The various therapies offered in Ayurveda are applicable for healthy individuals who wish to continue the state of wellbeing and also for those who need its therapeutic benefit for treating disease conditions. Some therapies are selected as per the seasons as well for detoxification purpose. The inclusion of beauty and anti-aging therapies with some Spa service makes Sukhayu a unique place of total health and wellbeing delivery.

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  • Immunity enhancement in H.I.V & AIDS, Cancer patients.

    Āyurveda hold a very promising role in reducing the side effects of cancer therapy. The guideline of Āyurveda in structuring the lifestyle and diet is very important in the process of recovery and prevention of recurrence. Ayurveda medication helps a lot in enhancing the Immunity at the cellular level thus preventing the unwanted side effects of the Cancer treatments on the healthy cells. The general condition is very much taken care of by maintaining the digestion and metabolism thus helping the body to continue gaining strength and natural Immunity from the food itself.

    This module includes Medications, Yoga, Counseling, Astrological health analysis and Panchakarma therapies.