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Sukhayu Ayurveda believes in delivery of authentic Ayurveda. The various therapies offered in Ayurveda are applicable for healthy individuals who wish to continue the state of wellbeing and also for those who need its therapeutic benefit for treating disease conditions. Some therapies are selected as per the seasons as well for detoxification purpose. The inclusion of beauty and anti-aging therapies with some Spa service makes Sukhayu a unique place of total health and wellbeing delivery.

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  • Skin Disease Module

    If you are disappointed with the long standing medication (steroids complications) and the frequent relapse in skin disease then Āyurveda offers the best approach. Your skin health depends on what you eat, digest and also most importantly what you don’t eliminate. Hence at Sukhayu Āyurveda a lot of emphasis is given to Panchakarma detoxification than to oral medicines and external applications.

    This module is a unique integration of

    Āyurveda Panchakarma.

        Snehan- therapeutic oil massage.

        Shirodhara - pouring medicated oil on the head.

        Basti-nervine tonic and pain reliving along with detoxification.

        Vaman and or Virechan

        Duration: 21 days module, one session in interval of four months

      Lifestyle and Diet modulations.


             Counseling – to enhance mental strength, faith, commitment and patience.