Detoxification and much more

Don't miss the deals on Groupon to detoxify this monsoon.

Basti /Colon Tonning and Cleansing enema is highly recommended for any healthy person as an yearly detoxification.

Also best advisable therapies for disgestive issues like constipation, gases, heaviness, bloating and even for backpain.


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Posted on: August 01 2015

2014 Year end best Deal on Groupon from Sukhayu Ayurveda

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Posted on: December 10 2014

Dr Abhijt Jinde USA visit

Vaidya. Dr Abhijit Jinde will be arriving back from his US visit in the firat week of August. He will be seeing patients again form 6th August. Those who wish to place and appointment with him should contact on 020-40055962020-40055962 Mob- 98508989249850898924

Posted on: July 20 2014

International Educator Award

Vaidya (Dr) Abhijit was awarded this award in recognization of his contribution in the teachings and mentoring the students at Vedika Global USA.

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Posted on: November 24 2013

Spring season Detoxification Camp

As we are the integral part of Mother Nature, whatever changes happen in the nature in the form of different climates directly affects the status of the three physiological energies or structural units of our the human body, known as the three Doshas- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. They represent the Air with Ether, Agni and the Earth with Water elements respectively, carrying out all the physiological and anatomical functions of the body. Disease as per Ayurveda is nothing but the imbalance of these three which can be qualitative or quantitative increase or decrease. In case of decrease of the either Doshas, the logical Ayurveda approach is to bring it to the normal levels by consuming food and opting for lifestyle which will promote it's increase. In case of the increase in the Doshas there is a therapeutic procedure to remove it from the body which is known as Panchakarma in Ayurveda, the five Detoxification therapies.
The concept of removing the excess accumulation of the doshas in the body is one of the unique and prime concept of Ayurveda to treat disease condition.
It is also very useful to remove the accumulation of unwanted doshas occurring in the specific season. Just like the present two months, March and April which is considered to be the months in which there is natural accumulation of Kapha dosha representing the Earth and Water elements. This is manifested in the form of Spring Allergies, cold, cough and Asthma etc.
Sukhayu Ayurveda is hence conducting a detox concessional camp starting from 11th March to 15th April to treat conditions which are generated because of excess Kapha dosha such as

Chronic and recurring cold and cough,
Borderline Diabetes cases for prevention
Thyroid imbalance
This detox involves a 15 days treatment schedule incorporating Full body massage, full body steam, VAMAN ( which is vomiting form of detox therapy).

For more details, appointment with the Ayurveda Physicain and to discuss the eligibility call 020-40055962, 98508989249850898924
Call between 11am to 1 pm & 6 to 8pm.


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Posted on: March 11 2014

Best deals for you from Groupon & Sukhayu Ayurveda

Human bodies undergo massive stress every day, from surviving daily commutes to vigorously changing TV channels to find something to watch. Sooth disgruntled muscles with today’s Groupon to Sukhayu Ayurvedic Clinic.


The Deal:

Choose from the following offers for 1 person:

Offer 1 – Rs.399 instead of Rs.800:

  • Head Massage OR Foot Massage (15min)
  • Facial (45min)

Offer 2 – Rs.599 instead of Rs.1200:

  • Head Massage (15min)
  • Foot Massage (15min)
  • Face Massage, Face Steam & Nasya with Medicated Oil (30min)

Offer 3 – Rs.799 instead of Rs.1600:

  • Full Body Massage (45min)
  • Full Body Steam (30min)
  • Shirodhara with Medicated Milk (30min)

Offer 4 – Rs.899 instead of Rs.1800:

  • Head Massage (15min)
  • Full Body Massage (45min)
  • Strengthening Rice Massage for the complete spine (30min)

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Posted on: March 01 2014

Visit to Chicago Iskcon Temple

           It was a great pleasure to visit and share my thoughts on the wisdom of Ayurveda with the Iskcon devotes at the Chicago temple. There is great need of understanding the importance of good health on the path of Spirutiality and thats why 'Swasthya' or 'Good Health' is the primary requirment according to Ayurveda in order to acheive the four goals of life, Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha.

I am thankful to the loving souls for hosting my stay and i hope and wish Ayurveda will make great healthy changes in the lifes of Krishna devotes.

Hare Krisna.


Posted on: October 04 2013

USA visit of Dr Abhijit

Vd. Abhijit Jinde will be visiting United Sates at Vedika Global for teaching  beginning from September month to 25th November 2013. He will be also visiting Chicago for a closed circle on Ayurveda for the seekers.

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Posted on: August 15 2013

Groupon Deal

The demands of life can take its toll on the body. The muscles tend to sore, stress builds up and finally one tends to get frustrated because of all this. Give your muscles some rest and let the professionals take over with today’s Groupon to Sukhayu Ayurvedic Clinic!

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Posted on: August 21 2013