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    The growing awareness & acceptance of Ayurveda as one of the major system of medicine in prevention & treatment of various Modern lifestyle diseases is quit evident from the rise in number of  Panchakarma clinics. The success of any Panchakarma treatment  whether it is simple wellness  de-stressing therapy  or a therapeutic sessions for minor to major disease conditions lies in proper selection of treatment by the Physician & following the instructions of performing those therapies with outmost care and perfection by the panchakarma therapist.


       Aims & Objective   


    To fulfill the need of good hands to conduct the therapies in Ayurvedic clinics, Spas, Health resorts

          To impart dedication and ability to reciprocate healing energy to the health seeking clientele.

    To impart and nurture the knowledge of Ayurveda and Panchakarma therapies beyond simply conducting of therapies.

    Anatomical, emotional and spiritual relation in various painful Muscle- Bone Disorders.


    Duration:    Two Months

    Duration in Hours:  80 hours

    Course Fees- Indian National-  15,000/ Rs International Students- 700 $ / 500 Euro


    Course Syllabus:

    1.       Ayurvedic Fundamentals

              Concept of Tridosha

              Introduction  to Prakruti & Vikruti

              Diet & Digestion-Ahar-SIX Tastes-Pachan

              Seven  Body Tissues- Sapta Dhatus

              Three  Excretions of Body-Malas Purish Mutra Sweda

    2.      Anatomy of Muscles, Bones of head, Spinal Colum, Shoulder, Knee, Ankle,  Abdomen


    3.      Introduction to some important vital points of body – Numbers, Locations, Importance in treating certain musculoskeletal conditions.


    4.      Shodhan Shaman Chikitsa


    5.      Panchakarma—Definition, Types, Allied therapies

    ·         Massage -Abhyang

    ·         Swedan- Different kinds of swedan and pottali

    ·         Treatment for head-Shiroabhyang, Shiropichu, Shirodhara, Shirobasti

    ·         Holding the oil treatments-Netra tarpan, kati basti, Hrudbasti, Janu basti

    ·         Oil pouring treatment- Sarvanga  dhara, Local dhara

    ·         Other therapies-Udvartan, Avagaha, Lepan, Annalepan


    6.      Introduction to Five main Detoxification therapies



    7.      Introduction to basic Naturopathy treatments –Hydrotherapy, Mud pack,  Magnet, Acupressure, Wet sheet pack, Mustard pack


    8.      Code of conduct of Good Panchakarma Therapist

    Etiquettes, Vocabulary, Hospitality, Dedication, Hygiene



    Medium of language-Marathi, Hindi, English



    On successfully completion of this course “Certificate course in Panchakarma Therapist’ will be awarded by Ayura Foundation.