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    Vaidya (Dr). Abhijit  N Jinde

    B.A.M.S, M.D (Ayurveda)

    Clinical practice of Ayurveda, teaching,  workshops and hands on training in conventional, traditional and keraliyan Ayurvedic panchakarma therapeutics, specialty in Musculoskeletal Disorders, Diabetes and Lifestyle disorders.

    Ayurveda Physician and Director

    Sukhayu Ayurveda Clinic, Pune India

    HOD Department of Panchakarma

    Vedika Global Emeryville, CA. USA

    Specialty Consultant for

    DSD Care (Diabetes, Skin, Digestive disorders)

    Kamalabai Hukimchand Chordia Charitable Trust's

     VISHWANAND KENDRA - Walwekar Nagar Pune

    Advisor & Consulting Physician

    Padmanabh Ayurveda Stores. Wanowrie Pune.

    Member & Faculty

    International Ayurveda Academy, Pune

    Language     : Marathi, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Oriya.

    Cell No.          :+91-9850898924

    E-mail             : sukhayu_veda@rediffmail.com

                             : padmanabhayurstore@gmail.com

    Website          : www.sukhayurveda.in

    Date of Birth   : April 1974

    Education        :




    Name of College/University




    Year of Passing


    B. A. M. S



    Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Ayurved college Pune









    M.D. (Ayu)











    Clinical Experience:

    1. Clinical practise of  Panchakarma Therapeutics with Specialty in Computer Related Disorder, Spine & Knee Care at Sukhayu Ayurveda Clinic. - 12 Year

     Sukhayu incorporates holistic approach for treating above ailments through prime emphasis on Panchakarma therapies, Posture corrections, Physiotherapy, Therapeutic Yoga, Lifestyle -Diet Modulations & Vastu-shastra corrections for health problems.

    2. Specialty Consultant for Skin, Diabetes & Cardiac Care at-

    Vishwanand Kendra, Yoga Ayurved Nisgargopchar Multispecialty Clinic        - 8 Year

    3. Coordinator  to University of Pune in conducting Certificate & Diploma courses in  Panchakarma, Ayurveda & Yoga. - 3 Year

    4. Coordinator & In charge  for ‘Panchakarma Assistant’ Course certified by State Government of Maharashtra.

    5. Research Project Assistant - Rashtriya Sikshan Mandal’s, Ayurveda Research Institute,Karve Road, Pune.

    Clinical research on formulations of Rasashala- Pune & reciprocating Ayurvedic knowledge to overseas students. - 1 Year

    6. Internship at PHC Nasarapur & Rashtriya Sikshan Mandal’s Nanal Rugnalaya Karve Road, Pune. - 1 Year

    Field of Drug Designing

    1. Formulated 30+ Ayurvedic line of products for Junnarkar Health.

    2. Formulated Sleeping aid Ayurvedic formulation for Ayurveda Corporation, Maimi Florida, USA.

    Topics for Research work:

    1. M.D. (Kayachikitsa)- Vicharchika and It’s Management With Rasamanikya.

    2. Vishwanand Kendra- Conducting Clinical Research on Diabetes Management with Diabehar  yoga(Herbal preparation designed after 10 years clinical trails.)



    Teaching Experience

    1. Lecturer-  University of Pune affiliated P.G Diploma in Panchakarma at Vishwanand Kendra, Pune.

    2. International Ayurveda Academy.

    Conduct theory & practical lectures/Panchakarma training Programs for students from Austria, Spain, Brazil, USA etc.


    Seminars and workshops:

     Organizing committee member

    • National Seminar on Pakshaghat & Its Management with Panchakarma, Gopabandhu Ayurveda Mahavidyalay Jan.2001 PURI, ORISSA.
    • National symposium on Ayurvedic management of Musculo-Skeletal Disorder (MSD), December 2005 Vishwananada Kendra, PUNE, MAHARASHTRA.
    • International Seminar on Hair & Skin Care, March 2010 by International Academy of Ayurveda, PUNE, MAHARASHTRA.
    • International Seminar on Beauty Care, Aug 2010 by BGA and International Academy of Ayurveda, PUNE, MAHARASHTRA.
    • World Conference on AYU, Jan 2012 Pune. 
    • National seminar on Role of Ayurveda in the management Shleepada (Filariasis) “Filariasis and its folk treatment” May 1999 Gopabandhu Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Puri- Odissha.
    • Researcher and editor for Audio-visual cassatte on ‘Panchakrma therapies’, Puri-Odissha.
    • National symposium on Ayurvedic management of Musculoskeletal Disorders “Ayurvedic Perspective on Etiopathogenesis of Computer Related Injuries” Dec.2005 Vishwananada Kendra, PUNE-MAHARASHTRA.
    • Researcher and editor for CD on ‘Panchakarma Therapeutic Yoga for Musculoskeletal Disorders’2005.
    • Efficacy of Comprehensive Ayurveda Mangement of Sandhivata(Osteoarthritis of Knee) with Herbomineral formulation and Panchakarma Therapies  at World Ayurveda Congress At Bangaleru 2010. 


    Guest Speaker/ Resource person/Workshops

    • Two days CME Training Programme “Resource person” sponsored by Dept. of AYUSH, Ministry of H and FW. Govt. of India, New Delhi March 2005, Gopabandhu Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, PURI-ORISSA.
    • ‘Panchakarma Assistant course’ certified by Maharashtra State Vocational Board, Mumbai, 2010 -2011.
    • Conducted workshop on Spine and Knee Care , March 2012 at Vedika Global USA.
    • Conducted workshop on Diabetes Prevention, April 2012 at Vedika Global USA.