• "धर्मार्थ काममोक्षाणां अरोग्यंमुलमुत्तमं."

  • "The true Ausadha - Medicine is the one which can overcome the fear of the disease."

  • "Well trained therapist to assist in executing therapies."

  • "Lord Dhanvantari showers health and good Buddhi to make wise decision in the process of healing."

  • "Ayurveda is aimed to achieve harmony in Panch Mahabhoota, within and outside the Human body."

  • "Wholesome food alone can cure any disease without any Medicine."

  • "Delivery of authentic Panchakarma in its perfection"

  • "Passionate about preventative care of Ayurveda."

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  • Āyurveda transcended from lord Bramha as a sub-veda of Atharva veda  is the traditional Indian system of healing and health. It is one of the oldest and comprehensive system of medicine which delivers multidimensional health.  Āyurveda is equipped to facilitate deep healing for body, mind and soul as it believe in perfect Swasthya i.e Good Health only if all these three factors are in optimum healthy state. There cannot be complete health achieved if we focus on only one of this and overlook the others. This science is designed to deliver both preventative as well as therapeutic care for all the human sufferings.

    In Āyurveda, unlike the modern system of medicine disease prevention is the primary goal and its management through  making appropriate changes in diet, lifestyle, state of mind , responding to stress in day to day activities and further by  panchakarma therapies, medications, surgeries only as an final approach . Preventative health care is the priority and of paramount importance in Āyurveda as there is nothing quite like natural god-given wholesome health and all conscious efforts should be done to protect it right from the time of birth till the last years of life.

     “Swasthasya Swastharakshanam” refers to “protection of health of the healthy”

    which is the prime objective of Āyurveda .

    We are influenced in our lifetime by so many factors like the health of our parents who give us the genes for our ‘Prakruti’ -Body mind Constitution, food of our mother when we were in her womb, her state of mind during the entire pregnancy, lifestyle and food habits of our lifetime, the unnatural assaults on our food material before it reaches us,  emotions, relationship, profession, friends & family members, social economic conditions. In addition to these there are other important influencing factors like the place where we spend most of our time at work & home (Vastu Shastra), the seasonal impacts, astrological effects and many more. How then do we expect that Good health can be achieved by one single ‘Magic Pill’ ?  There any many things to be addresses & there needs a holistic and meticulous efforts from an individual in this direction.  This can be made possible only when we believe that we can make ‘Parivartan’  i.e change in our life.

    Changing or shifting from unhealthy to an healthy lifestyle, diet and making conscious efforts to choose  ‘Samatava’ & ‘Santulan’ which is moderation and balance in our every activities is the fundamental approach of Āyurveda to accomplish good Health.

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    • Dr. Jinde is extremely patient when he listens to your health complications. Only after taking a comprehensive view of your problems

      ... Rashmi Malapur, Pune India