Cervical Spondylosis

1.     Rotation of Shoulders Clockwise & Anticlockwise 5 rotations. Repeat twice. (Two Repetitions)

2.        Rotation of the arms with hands stretched out completely. Clockwise and Anticlockwise five rotations. Repeat twice.(Two Repetitions)

3.        Neck rotations- clockwise and anticlockwise 3 rotations x 2 rounds.

4.        Neck movements - forward, backward, lateral. Hold for few seconds in each position x 2 rounds.

5.        Bramha mudra

6.     Movements of Neck against the opposite pressure (Resistance).This can be done for following directions-

I.          Movement towards the Shoulders

II.        Lateral Movement/ Sidewise

III.       Forward  movement of Neck

IV.       Backward movement of Neck

V.        Bramha Mudra


7.        Tadasan

8.        Lateral Bending of Spine

9.        HastaPadasan

10.      Cat pose

11.      Posture for preparing Cobra Pose

12.      Cobra Pose

13.      Yoga Mudra (For complete Spine)


(Disclaimer- The suggested Yogic Asanas and Paranayam are general suggestions which can be therapeutically useful for given disease conditions. This should be learned and done under an expert Yogic instructor’s teachings and observation. Individuality and any other associated disease conditions should be taken into consideration before proceeding as there can be contraindications and also specificity in doing particular Asanas.)