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Sukhayu Ayurveda believes in delivery of authentic Ayurveda. The various therapies offered in Ayurveda are applicable for healthy individuals who wish to continue the state of wellbeing and also for those who need its therapeutic benefit for treating disease conditions. Some therapies are selected as per the seasons as well for detoxification purpose. The inclusion of beauty and anti-aging therapies with some Spa service makes Sukhayu a unique place of total health and wellbeing delivery.

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    Wellness Consultation -Prakruti analysis and Diet Lifestyle Advice

    If you want a Wellness consultation then the first step is to get an Body Mind Constitution i.e. Prakruti Analysis done. This is a two hour session (in person) in which we will try to explore the constitution you are born with and try to help you understand what is Beneficial and Non- beneficial for your health. This is the best tool Ayurveda has given to take control on your mind and body and also take responsibility of yourself.

    Kindly bring this filled form at the time of first consultation. Alternatively, you may send these forms by email.

    (*You will receive this extensive analysis form after making the payments)

    Charges for Prakruti Analysis- 100$

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    If you wish to pay by Paypal option then kindly send us your email on which we can send the payment request through the Paypal.


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