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Sukhayu Ayurveda believes in delivery of authentic Ayurveda. The various therapies offered in Ayurveda are applicable for healthy individuals who wish to continue the state of wellbeing and also for those who need its therapeutic benefit for treating disease conditions. Some therapies are selected as per the seasons as well for detoxification purpose. The inclusion of beauty and anti-aging therapies with some Spa service makes Sukhayu a unique place of total health and wellbeing delivery.

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  • Heart Care


       Heart is the dedicated organ of our body working right from the first breath of our life to the last, 24x 7 coping all the stress physical and mental generated in the lifetime. Any compromised nourishment or blood supply to the cells of heart itself will lead to compromised functioning of the heart and the blood vessels of the whole body. The heart muscles because of lack of nourishment gets exhausted and thus its primary role of pumping oxygenated blood and collecting deoxygenated blood from the entire body is hampered. This condition can lead to Psychological impact like fear, worries leading to limited physical activities.

                We believe that Strengthening of the functioning of Heart is not enough, were impact of Emotion on Mana-Mind & Atma-Spirit has to be addressed on priority. As per Āyurveda Heart is the seat of Atma and Mind so unless these are not in a state of ‘Sukha’ Happiness, it will have unhealthy effects on the Heart.


             How Āyurveda Can Help in Heart Disease

             Promote Heart functioning

             Strengthen the Heart tissue/muscles, blood vessels

             Promote vascular cellular stability

             Improves recovery of damage to the blood vessels because of Smoking, high Cholosterol.


                This module is useful for

                Those who do not respond well to the pharmaceutical medications

             Those who experience significant side effects of such drugs or are minimally benefitted

             Who want to prevent the current state of Heart functioning

             Who want to maximize their heart functioning

             Those who want to prevent Heart conditions

             Those who have strong family history of Heart Disease can start with preventive care.

             Those who are had history or are Smoking

             Those who are Diabetic and or Hypertensive or Obese

             Those who have Valvular heart conditions

             Those who have sedentary lifestyle


             This module is a unique integration of

                 Āyurveda Panchakarma.

              Snehan- therapeutic oil massage.

              Hrud Basti- Oil treat for the Heart.

              Shirodhara - pouring medicated oil on the head.

              Basti-nervine tonic and pain reliving along with detoxification.

                 Duration: 21 days module, two session in interval of six months


              Lifestyle and Diet modulations.

              Yogic posture and techniques

              Counseling to enhance mental strength, faith, commitment and patience.