Special Modules

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  • Computer Related Injuries, Spine disorders and Knee pain


    Are u suffering from neck stiffness lower back pain, numbness in hands and legs, painful cracking knees, giddiness and neck stiffness ?

    An unique Integrative approach for acute and chronic management of pain with Panchakarma therapies, Āyurvedic diet and lifestyle guidance along with time tested Āyurvedic herbs and formulation, help in not only relieving pain but also improves the nourishment and strengthening of bones, joints, muscles and nerves.

    This module is a unique integration of

              Āyurveda Panchakarma

              Swedan- steam with leaves, brown rice, coconut etc.

             Kati Basti- Oil treat for the Spine

             Dhara- pouring medicated oil on the joints

             Basti-  nervine tonic and pain reliving along with detoxification.

             Duration: 15 to 21 days

      Lifestyle and Diet modulations

      Ergonomic corrections


      Yogic posture & intervention of Modern medicine as an when needed.