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    "Art of life to Enjoy worldly Happiness"


    Sukhayu Āyurveda Clinic is serving the community and spreading the light of Authentic Āyurveda since more than a decade in city of Pune. Dedicated to deliver ‘Shuddha’– Pure Āyurveda based on the principles laid by the great Rishis and Acharya in the Vedic literature.  In this ‘Kaliyuga’ where the Indian traditional systems is marketed, promoted, disoriented for the convenience of the people by the people, Sukhayu stands strongly following the ‘śāstra’ pure science with outmost dedication and humanitarian responsibility.

    The entire medical science research is directed to find miracle remedies for human health sufferings. It has delivered us inventions of fast acting chemicals, harsh medicines, surgeries in order to restore the anatomy of body or for removing the organs as there is no any other restoration options, genetic modifications and much more to unfold in coming future. The significance of all these revolutions are not questioned as it holds a very important role is giving relief to the ailing, but the most alarming question in modern life which we all are seeking answer to is,

    How can we avoid such situation were ill health takes control of our lives and happiness’?

    How we can prevent all these assaults on our Body and Mind’ ?.   

    Unless and until we really understands what is ‘Beneficial’ and ‘ Non beneficial’, ‘Hita’ and ‘Ahita’ for our Body,  Mind and soul; ‘Swasthya’-  Good Health cannot not be achieved. Imagine if you have an individualized guideline of these Beneficial and Non beneficial things then what is left for you is to sensibly chose the right food, lifestyle, job, exercise, relationship etc. and you will be rewarded with ‘Swasthya’. Āyurveda helps in achieving all these and Vd (Dr) Vaidya Abhijit Jinde at Sukhayu clinic has always tried to help people to understand that getting rid of any disease condition is just one step, maintaining this healthy state is what for this great science is designed for. Prevention of disease is the priority approach of Sukhayu clinic to deliver Āyurveda.

    Sukhayu Āyurveda is for those who want to take responsibility for their Health. We help people in restoring good health which is most necessary in the path towards fulfillment of  four important Goals of life –‘Dharma-  Righteousness, duties in life , ‘Artha- Material and financial gains’ ‘Kama’ –Physical pleasures of sensory organ’ and finally the ‘Moksha’ Self Enlightenment, Self-awareness  or Freedom. Let the journey of Swasthya begin……………………………………………